Looking for exclusivity?

Creativity is your goal?

Love fashion?

Make your own design

Create your own design

If you love fashion and you want to set your imagination free...

In Pieles Prieto we offer you the opportunity to participate in the design of your own garments.

We put at your disposal our workshop with exclusive selection of furs and leather types to get creative side by side with our professionals. .

A wide range of colors and leather types, allows us to adapt to the newest trends and styles and to meet the most diverse and creative demands.

Design and create your own fur or leather garment with maximum garantees.

Stop by to discover that the world of fashion is within your reach

Customer service

Always true to our dedication and commitment to excellence, we offer our clients personalized services that are not limited by product retail.

We offer a number of additional services to provide our customers with the best the solutions and alternatives for the care and maintenance of their fur garments.

We would be delighted to answer any question or resolve any doubt you might have about fur or leather.

Free estimates

Customizable fashion

Our workshop, fitted with the best technical and professional equipment, and the long-term experience of our team allow us to create a wide variety of designs across different styles and trends with maximum guarantees.

We have a wide variety of top quality leather in a myriad of colors. Creating a unique style in nappa, suede, nubuck or double face is possible with all the guarantees and help from the professionals. You can also design your own fur items.

Never before it has been so easy to dress according to your own style.

Prieto Guarantee Seal

Pieles Prieto guarantees that all fur skins used to create garments have been purchased from the most renowned auction houses around the world.

We guarantee that all material used in the manufacturing of leather goods is of domestic origin. It is considered to be the best available worldwide by industry experts .

Each animal skin is unique. The presence of little marks and contrasts certify their natural origin.

Over 40 years of experience is the best guarantee for our products.

Delivery service

We offer free delivery on orders over 1.000 €.

This service is available for most destinations worldwide.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery after your order has left our warehouse.

3 easy steps*:

  1. Ask fot your tax-free form Clain your tax-free form wherever you see the innova taxfree logo and fill it out with your passport number.

  2. Get a stamp on your form at Customs When you leave the E.U., get you documents stamped at Customs before checking-in your luggage. Customs officer may ask you to show the goods purchased. Remember: the tax-free form is only valid for 3 months after purchase.

  3. Cash your tax-free documents At Cash Refund desks at major airports and inland border check points. You will get instant cash. Get your refund on your credit card.

    * Only uf you reside outside the E.U.